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Scientific Food Testing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Food testing is an important process that provides detailed, scientifically accurate data to ensure that what consumers get is safe and labeled with correct nutritional aspects.

Established in 2014, Scientific Food Testing Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in food testing. SFTS is FSSAI approved, NABL accredited and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified to providereliable and accurate testing services for the following categories:

Our Services

Chemical Testing

  • Includes a detailed physio-chemical analysis
  • Detection of the presence of antibiotics, food additives, heavy metals, food adulterants, minerals, contaminants and naturally occurring
    toxic substances
  • State-of-the-art technology to detect pesticide and antibiotic residue
  • Providing nutritional breakdown of food products to guide manufacturers in correct nutritional labeling
Biological Testing
  • Ensures hygienic standards are maintained during food production
  • Identifies and establishes the number of micro-organisms in products
  • Detects harmful pathogens present in raw products
  • Offers swab testing of utensils and handlers processing food
  • Offers atmospheric testing

Mechanical Testing

  • Checks quality of packaging material to keep food fresh and safe
  • Includes Migration test, Dimension test, Elongation test
  • Tests bursting strength
  • Tests seal strength
  • Tests compression strength


A product’s ‘Shelf life’ is defined as the time, under defined storage conditions, during which food remains safe, retains desired sensory, chemical, physical and biological characteristics as well as complies with any label declaration. Validating product shelf-life is obtaining and documenting any evidence that proves that the shelf-life of food is accurate, and that the food will maintain its safety andquality until the end of that shelf-life. Food testing greatly reduces the chances of customer complaints related to quality & helps in establishing the product as a quality product in the market and strengthening the products brand value.

SFTS offers services for conducting stability studies for shelf life estimation.
Our team of experts will help you in developing the study protocols and carry out the various steps of conducting the shelf life study. It includes:

  • Protocol development
  • Finalizing the parameters to be tested in each of the products
  • Storage conditions of the product during the shelf life study
  • Compilation of the stability study reports


Our Food Safety Inspection is designed to evaluate hygiene, food safety, facilities in kitchens in the food-service industry as per the requirements of FSSAI. We conduct audits for the hotel, restaurant and catering industries according to the specific requirement of each client. The food nutrition testing lab of FTFS in Chennai supports and guides the food industry in establishing hygienic catering practices.