Tanjus Mango Juice :


The “King of Fruits” Mango is considered as the one of the most delicious and healthiest fruits. This tropical fruit originated in Indian-subcontinent has been the regular part of human diet for thousands of years, owing to unique flavour, taste &aroma. India’s No.1 Masala Brand, Aachi’s Tanjus Mango drink is not just a drink; it rekindles anyone with a lot of childhood memories. These drinks are designed to appeal the child in you and will make to feel like giving them a try, at least once.

Tanjus Mango drink, uses selected, farm-fresh mangoes blended to perfection that just tastes like mythical, golden juice. Tanjus mango drink uses freshest Alphonsas mango pulp that will make you to believe that you’ve just bitten into a juicy mango.The rich colour, flavor, aroma and taste of this delicious Indian Fruit are retained by careful selection and delicate handling of the fruit.

It gives the goodness of fresh delicious Mango anytime, in just a sip from the bottle. This mouth-watering heavenly taste of Tanjus Mango drink is good for health and loaded with Vitamins C & A along with traces of Vitamins B, E, and K, rich in iron, copper, and some valuable minerals. Even mothers can use this drink as a morning and evening snack for their children, because of healthy diet.

Aachi’s Tanjus mango juice is available in trendy pet bottle of 200 ml and 500 ml.