Research & Development

Research and Development:

The food industry in any country plays a very significant role, as it is an integral part of everyday life of human rd_1beings. So, care is taken to ensure that food manufacturers adhere to certain benchmarked quality standards. The
formulae created are always subjected to testing before they are passed on as a consumable product to the customer. Many a manufacturer suffered from a setback of lacking a well equipped in-house testing lab to pass their new or improved products. Mr. Isaac visualized this pressing need for both the manufacturer and the end consumer and pitched in by setting up SFTS, which prides a top class     R&Dcentre exclusively for the Food Industry.

The R&D team who work here are a bunch of passionate and active members who share the same wave length as
Mr. Isaac and work ceaselessly to test the products with the sheer intentions of serving the masses through quality
test checks. The phenomenal success of Aachi in a short span of time (for any other brand in the food sector, the rd_4growth of this magnitude would have probably taken several decades) stems from its consumer-oriented approach.
After surveying the consumers’ needs, Aachi’s R&D team develops the products keeping the consumers’
requirements in mind. Conforming to highest quality guidelines and specifications (which are very stringent for
Food Processing Industries), the products are manufactured while adopting the modern technology in the most hygienic surroundings.

Food Testing Laboratory:

In line with the vision of Mr. Isaac, ROI means Return on Intention for all at Aachi. Thus every move taken at Aachi

is driven by a social consciousness. rd_2We always think for the people in need and ensure that their life is better. With growing competition it is getting increasingly difficult for physically well-endowed people to get employment.


The objectives of the Food Testing Lab are:

1.To provide analytical support services to the food business operators.

2.To provide technical and application support to the student community.

3.To make an awareness on food safety and quality, HACCP and Quality Management System.

Industry – Institute – Interface :

Mr. Isaac had always nurtured a dreams to pursue professional education that permitted encompassed an Industry-Institute-Interface at the student level itself. What lingered as an unfulfilled dream became a reality for students of the current generation by providing internship in different functional areas in Aachi Group. This not only allowed students to access real time practices, but also created an opportunity to offer gainful employment to the deserving and dedicated ones. In order to fulfil this objective the Aachi group has signed MOUs with different institutions and study centres including NIFTEM (Delhi), IICPT, SRMC etc., providing internships/ student exchange programs in the group companies. All students who undergo training/internship are absorbed in various functional designations matching their skillset.  In case of those not selected, they are industry aware with a higher rate of adaption elsewhere.rd_3