Development Of Entrepreneurs

Contribution to The Development of Indian Economy 

Mr. Isaac’s Commitment To The Development Of Entrepreneurs: Mr.Isaac, always strongly believed in the ethos that the most satisfying way to grow is to help and let other people grow. While his Aachi Brand was growing from Strength to Strength he did not enjoy the rewards all along. In fact he voluntarily shared the success and its rewards with his associates. Mr. Isaac developed many entrepreneurs who worked with Aachi as exclusive contract manufacturers. aachigrp_photo_1-topToday there are 25 such exclusive contract manufacturers for the Aachi Group and each of them in turn employs many people in the manufacturing process. Mr. Isaac harbors this vision and is passionately working to take this number of magical figure of 100 Contract manufacturers in the next 2 years.

Career Planning Competition:

With the noble objective of practically creating infrastructure and facilities for the birth and growth of ENTREPRENEURS & BUSINESS LEADERS, Mr. Isaac founded the Aachi Educational & Research Foundation in Chennai. The first higher-educational initiative is the Aachi Institute of Management & Entrepreneurial Development (AIMED). The students of AIMED have the distinguishing feature of getting placed in a functional area of choice on successful completion of the programme. AIMED is proud to have placed its maiden batch of 14 students across prime functional areas in the Aachi Group of Companies. The Second Batch is currently in the course of executing its projects along the lines of their seniors.

Mr. Isaac ‘s intense desire is to help students’ s achieve their career with a clear vision proper planning and long term commitment. According to him, every final year student needs to map his career plan meticulously with a clear vision and commitment.  The Career Planning Competition is the off-shoot of this noble process. This competition provides an appropriate platform for students to showcase display their latent talents across the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu, with the prime intention of kick starting a forward thinking in their minds.

Prizes awarded for Winners:

First Prize worth Rs. 25,000/-

Second Prize worth Rs. 10,000/-

Third Prize worth Rs. 5,000/-

5 Consolation Prizes worth Rs.  1,000/- each.

Career Planning Competition has become a signature practise of Aachi since 2014. Mr. Isaac has successfully encouraged and enabled over 40,000 students across Tamil Nadu to participate and ultimately helped them to clearly chart out their career plans in a focussed manner. aachigrp_photo-2He has generously sponsored over Rs. 5,00,000 to translate career planning competition into a reality, thus helping students realise their dreams and emerge victorious in their chosen career path.

Contribution to the Growth of Farmers In India:

India is an agrarian economy, where in nearly 70% of its National Income is generated from here. The economic growth of a country is gauged by the extent of employability and contribution by all the sectors towards development. A demonic rate of urbanization coupled with spiralling cost of living is wrecking the lives of the traditional farmers. The landholdings of many farmers have been converted to concrete buildings, rendering them unemployed. In order to strike a balance between the rate of economic growth and mounting unemployment, several sectors have designed strategies to fill the gnawing gap. A major contributory in this direction are the concerted efforts of the food industry in general and Aachi group in particular.

Re-instil the diminished confidence among farmers, Mr. Isaac has established direct links with them and procures the basic raw materials thus doing away with the intermediaries who tend to eat away the profit of the farmers. For eg: If we consider the manufacturing and conversion process of the flagship product of the Aachi Group- Aachi Kulambu Chilli Powder, the entire process starts with the procurement of chilies directly from the farmers. This way the farmers are able to establish a straight contact with the buyer, and since the demand is perennial, the farmers try to match them with a combination of alternative farming methods and coordination among themselves. These alternate methods of farming help to improve the cultivation process to give a rich and fruitful yield. Many more such agricultural produce such as pulses, millets and spices including vegetables like mango, lemon, etc. are also directly procured systematically from farmers across various regions in India. Similarly, with a role of middlemen being totally eradicated the prices are more enticing and help the farmers enjoy a better standard of living.

Playing A Major Role in the Economic Development of India:

The processing of the produce procured from farmers undergo a good deal of value addition in transformation of raw materials into the final packaged product ready for consumption. For example, after procurement, chillies need to be dried, segregated and ground in a factory. This provides ample job opportunities for many unskilled and illiterate workers to fit in any of these jobs after a basic training is imparted to them. For converting plain chilly powder to Kulambu Chilly powder, a fine blend of several more ingredients in the manufacturing process is required. At each stage of product development at the back end a host of activities are being done like R&D team which gets a feedback from the customers in terms of suggestions or complains and compile the same and convert it to perfection; A design team that wracks their creative minds to design the wrapper brightly and attractively to attract the attention of the customers during product display; A packaging team that packs the ground hilly powder as either plain or Kulambu Chilly Powder on a  manual or automated basis; a quality control team that does random checking to ensure that benchmarked quality standards are being adhered to; A logistics team that works vibrantly to ensure that at no point of time there is short supply of stock and finally the agents and retailers who contribute their share to make the end product available to the customer.


This host of activities at each phase require the concerted and coordinated efforts of each of the teams on an inter- and intra team basis to ensure that the raw materials procured from the farmers are meaningfully converted to a finished product and satisfies the customer’s need.  This culminates to providing productive employment opportunities for people with different skill sets on one hand and developing intrapreneurs who are agile and possess aggressive marketing skills. In to this leads not only to employment but also increased standard of living resulting in economic growth.

Yet another product line examined, are the spices division of Aachi Group. The R&D here has done an extensive market study and suggested the setting up of the cold grinding facility based on this a hi-tech state-of-the-art cold grinding facility has been set up in Gummidipoondi Plant, in striking features aroma retention in spices leading to an extended shelf – life. This process has been acclaimed by the consumers and made consumption a pleasurable experience.

Hailing the Healthy Tastes of India:

A change in the taste and preferences of the customers are always duly considered in Aachi. Currently there is spurt in retro taste in the food habits among people, thanks to the rampant awareness created on its consumption. Food products like Ragi, Millets, Whole and Broken wheat Brown rice etc have gradually found a permanent place in the purchase list of customers.