Corporate Social Responsibility

Support to Women Self Help Groups ( SHGs)
Events, Exhibitions, Model Shop
To further strengthen the distribution network and with a view to contribute to the society, AACHI has identified a new channel to distribute the products with the help of ‘Women Self Help Groups’. By adopting this strategy of distributors, 300 women SHGs are currently engaged. The number is expected to double shortly. After distribution of products through Women Self Help Groups, there is increased visibility in sale of products. It provides income generating means for the rural women folk. Women actively participate in events, exhibitions and in-shop promotions.
Establishment of ‘AACHI FOUNDATION FOR INCLUSIVE GROWTH’ as a Micro Finance Institution

AACHI has its motto of providing high quality food products at affordable prices to the common man and has taken up the task of achieving inclusive growth. For this purpose, AACHI Group has envisioned setting up of ‘Aachi Foundation for Inclusive growth’. Informal discussions with concerned agencies of KfW of Germany has revealed that it is viable and ‘not-for-profit’ company which is to be set up for this purpose. The armoury of over 8 lakh retailers of Aachi products provides a strong base for setting up a Micro Finance Institution as part of achieving inclusive growth and with balanced regional growth.

Women Empowerment

Aachi provides Equal Opportunity Employment to women in all departments thus paving way to their excellence and financial viability. They are given access to resources and services. They improve their own status compared to men, by their own work for increased access to resources and services. There is gender equality in decision making, so that women achieves direct control over their access to resources. Due to this empowerment, women achieve increased control and participation in decision making that leads to improved socio-economic status.
Collaboration with Isha Foundation
A 20 minute VCD clipping, brought by Isha Foundation’s Arogya Alai, as part of its Action for Rural Rejuvenation Programme (ARR), sponsored by Aachi Masala was released at a function by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation. Several rural areas have benefited by this model.
Initiative to provide Quality Secondary Education
For the Socially & Economically backward,

Mr. A.D. Padmasingh Isaac, CMD of AACHI Group, conscious of his social responsibilities, has been providing quality education at affordable cost to children as the Trustee of ICI Matriculation School, Anna Nagar and Kolathur. His vision is to start many such schools providing quality education to all, particularly to the under privileged sections of the society.
Providing employment to differently abled persons
In its manufacturing facilities, AACHI has employed over 50 differently abled persons. In this way, AACHI group provides livelihood to those who are termed as ‘Physically challenged’ by the society. These persons see a ray of hope in Aachi. This is expected to gain further momentum in the years ahead.
Support to MSMEs

i.) AACHI has been sponsoring several national and International conferences organized by FICCI, CII etc., with a view to develop Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. In the recent past, Aachi sponsored the International conference ‘Farm to Fork’ organized by FICCI and ‘Finance Availability by MSMEs’ organized by CII. It is Aachi’s mission to develop a large number of Micro and Small enterprises so that there will be millions of entrepreneurs which is one of the way to solve unemployment problem amongst youth in India.

ii.) Aachi is presently supplied with products from 30 SMEs and marketing them under the common brand name ‘AACHI’. Without Aachi’s marketing support, SMEs wouldn’t have been possible to market their products. This synergetic relationship between ‘Aachi’ and MSMEs is expected to grow substantially in future and 100 SMEs will be covered by the end of 2011.

Establishing Joint Ventures

Aachi has recently mooted a novel concept for proliferation of food processing and FMCG industries across the country. Aachi has invited NRIs, High Net Worth Individuals, established industrial and business houses to partner with Aachi in setting up Food Processing Industries. Besides providing technology and marketing support, Aachi will also help them in sourcing funds from banks and financial institutions. In deserving cases, Aachi will also contribute to the equity capital. This unique innovative measure will boost the growth of Food Processing and FMCG Industries in a significant manner.

Setting up the Aachi Institute of Retail Management (approved by AICTE)

Aachi requires large human resources in marketing, production etc. with a view to develop a spirited marketing force. Aachi is planning to set up Aachi Institute of Retail Management (AIRM) which will offer academic programs approved by AICTE. The students passing out of AIRM will get 100% placement in Aachi Group or will be groomed as prospective entrepreneurs.

Providing employment to persons hailing from Eastern and North Eastern Regions

The eastern and north eastern regions of India continue to remain economically under developed and the youth of these regions do not get gainful employment. Aachi has addressed this problem of unemployment and has therefore employed over 250 persons from Assam, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa etc. They are provided with food and shelter.